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Why is SendFriend different?

SendFriend helps you save money and send faster by utilizing blockchain technology. You work hard for your money, so why waste it on high fees and low exchange rates?

Low Cost

Save money with lower fees and better exchange rates

Real Time

Payments received in just minutes, not 3 to 5 days


Send to a bank account or cash pickup


Data encryption guarantees the safety of your money transfer

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A Fairer Way to Send

We want to make sure that when you send money, it ends up with your friends and relatives, not in the pockets of money transfer companies. That’s why we offer such low fees.

Where is SendFriend currently available?

Check out the map below! SendFriend is currently available in all US states highlighted in green. We have plans to expand to the rest of the United States as soon as we can (and after that, the world)!

U.S. map showing SendFriend service area

How It Works

Set up your SendFriend account in seconds. Just link your bank account to our secure system.

Choose a recipient and amount.

Send! The transferred amount is available in your recipient’s bank account or cash pickup.

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