Our Five Favorite Booths at Santa Cruzan 2019

We had a great time at the Santa Cruzan 2019 on Manila Avenue. A big thank you to the Hermano Mayor, Joey Mayo, for organizing and gathering all of the community!

Here were some of our favorite booths:

1. Tita Lena

Tita Lena has been supporting Filipino parades and events for the last 18 years. She also send money home every month!

booths at Santa Cruzan 2019

2. Bubbletea-licious and Smoothies World

What is a Filipino parade without Halo-halo? You can find this truck and their popular tornado fries roaming (getting location from Joann) every weekend!

Filipino food truck at Santa Cruzan

3. Fil-am Tri Racing

With experience running races all over the United States, Fil-Am Tri Racing was the official race partner for the Santa Cruzan 2019.

4. San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila Manila Mass Album

San Lorenzo Ruiz was the saint and matyr canonized by Pope John Paul II. Be sure to support the parish by purchasing their Chorale CD!

5. SaGoTo Bubbletea World

It was family affair for Sagoto Bubbletea World. Gladyse, Ace and their nephews were serving refreshing Bubbletea all day! SaGoTo stands for Sago and Goto, two of their specialties.

Be sure to go to SaGoTo every Saturday from 4 to 6pm this June for a free money transfer and meal from SendFriend!

San Lorenzo booth at Santa Cruzan 2019